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Further, the feedforward controller parameters are independent of the initially employed PID parameters, thus making the retuning of the feedback controller possible without contributing any changes to the estimated feedforward controller parameters.
In this subsection we will give an outline on Immune Feedback Controller according to [15], [28], [29].
The color management controller is a CMOS mixed-signal optical feedback controller IC; the HDJD-S381-QT333 color sensor is a monolithic CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) IC solution.
The goal of the feedback controller is to regulate the output of the system, y, such that it tracks the reference input in the presence of disturbances and also uncertainty in the process dynamics.
Moreover, in industrial applications the most frequent feedback controller is of a PI or PID type, see (Astrom & Hagglund, 1995).
For the controlled object in (8), its error feedback controller of PID form can be designed as
In [25-27], the state feedback controller is designed for nonlinear system.
However, the appropriate of the feedback controller can change this unstability.
Chen, "Adaptive neural output feedback controller design with reducedorder observer for a class of uncertain nonlinear SISO Systems," IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, vol.
This is obviously a control problem where, at least for one of the robots, a suitable feedback controller has to be designed such that this robot (slave) follows the other robot (master).
In [12], an approach was established to codesign an output feedback controller and a channel-access managing policy for networked control systems.