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The linear full-state feedback controller was compared with the SMC, and the performance between the SMC and linear full-state feedback controller was tested experimentally on a designed and constructed physical test bed that was meant for the purpose of the research.
In this section, we discuss the overlapping decomposition for closed loop system under an output feedback controller, consider the output feedback controller U = K x Y + w, where [w.sup.T] - [[T.sup.*.sub.u] [v.sup.*.sub.u] [T.sup.*.sub.w]] are external input signals.
Their topics include improving short-term load forecasting with a novel hybrid model approach as a precondition for algorithmic trading, modeling an unbalanced radial distribution system and backward-forward power flow analysis, complex dynamics in a two-cell DC/DC buck converter using a dynamic feedback controller, modeling and analyzing the open-end stator winding permanent magnet synchronous machine with salient-poles fed by VSI, and a new wavelet-artificial neural network approach based on feature extraction for a FAST wind turbine model diagnosis system.
A QoS feedback controller denoted as System-QoS Estimator with help of run-time PLR (denoted as [P.sub.e]) and mean waiting time ([W.sub.s]) instructs the admission controller to restrict the traffic flows.
In [4,27, 28], the Markovprocess is applied to modeling the time delay, in [10,20], the time delay is used to describe the quantization density in the form of function and the authors investigate the dynamic quantization output feedback controller; in [10], the author also takes into account an event-triggered scheme to the aforementioned systems.
An adaptive fuzzy output feedback controller was developed [20] that can be premised on an HVAC system observer.
Moreover, an observed-state feedback controller via eigenvalue assignment and linear-quadratic-Gaussian control were designed in discrete-time and implemented by an industrial controller (i.e., programmable logic controller) [8].
[1], for the feedback controller, [U.sub.j](t) = [K.sub.j] X (t), if the ellipsoid [epsilon] (P,l) is contractively invariant, and matrixes P >0, [K.sub.i], and H (m x n matrix) make the initial value of [X.sub.0] [member of] [epsilon](P, 1) and
An adaptive integral feedback controller for pitch and yaw channels of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) was designed to handle the actuator saturations [11].
The higher level of the torque feedback controller as seen in Figure 2 is the state machine that is described in flow chart in Figure 3.