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A plot of ground on which livestock are fattened for market.


(Agriculture) an area or building where livestock are fattened rapidly for market


or feed′ lot`,

an area or establishment near a stockyard, where livestock are gathered to be fattened for market.
Also called feed′yard`.
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Noun1.feedlot - a building where livestock are fattened for marketfeedlot - a building where livestock are fattened for market
building, edifice - a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place; "there was a three-story building on the corner"; "it was an imposing edifice"
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Unlike Pollan, however, Singer and Mason focus their inquiry on the animals raised and slaughtered in our exploding colonies of factory farms and feedlots and on the workers laboring in these monoculture plantations.
Big feedlots are contaminating water supplies with pathogens and chemicals, and polluting the air with foul-smelling compounds that can cause respiratory problems.
"The Genesis plant effectively serves as a diligent steward of the environment -- producing a clean-burning motor fuel, solving water run-off pollution from agricultural wastes, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions," said Langley, who added that E3 BioFuels plans to build 15 more such plants near feedlots and dairy farms, of increasing size, within the next five years.
That product retains nutrient value for cattle feeding, particularly in feedlots. With so many U.S.
Livestock feedlots are major sources of bacterial and nutrient contamination to surface waters in many watersheds (Crane et al., 1983).
The settlement requires the Oregon Department of Agriculture to make applications for new large-scale feedlots available for public review.
Key assets of the deal include three cattle feedlots in Colorado and one in Idaho.
Those researchers confirm androgenic activity--and, to a lesser extent, estrogenic activity--in Nebraska rivers downstream of cattle feedlots (SN: 1/5/02, p.
According to Epstein, the meat industry is aggressively promoting irradiation to divert attention from grossly unsanitary conditions in factory-style feedlots, slaughterhouses and packing plants as well as to sterilize meat contaminated with feces.
cattle, pig, and chicken feedlots each minute" was based on an erroneous Sierra Club report.
During the operation, he said, they realised that some syndicates had been supplying some feedlots and that some butchery owners were also involved.