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n.1.One who feigns or pretends.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Feigner women were informed about the purpose of the study and freely volunteered to participate in this study.
Both were readily seated and promptly served -- not quite Eddie Feigner style, but a good 87-mph ball for sure.
If he is fed up with being labelled a feigner, it does not show.
For the next 20 years, Midway was used for a variety of activities: high-school and other amateur sports, exhibitions such as famed softball pitcher Eddie Feigner with the King and His Court, a practice facility for the Minnesota Vikings football team, and wrestling.
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With him, I saw Eddie Feigner, the famed leader of a four man softball troop, the King and his Court, play at Eisenhower Park.
In fact, Willis did face the very best, once pitching a Eugene team to a victory over the famed touring team The King and His Court, which was built around the incomparable Eddie Feigner.
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"Eddie Feigner," came the answer, and Snow was ready to pounce on that.
He cowrote Broadcast Rites and Sites: I Saw It on the Radio with the Boston Red Sox with Joe Castiglione, the radio voice of the Boston Red Sox, and cowrote From an Orphan to a King with Eddie Feigner. On his own he wrote Baseball: A Geek's Bible (2007) as well as American History: A Geek's Guide (2007).
Although this cichlid is a death feigner, it's not trying to avoid predators, Tobler said in the March 2005 Journal of Fish Biology.
In Discoveries, Jonson also equates feigning with like truths when he explains that, according to the Greeks, a poet is a maker or a feigner; his art, an art of imitation or feigning, expressing the life of man in fit measure, numbers, and harmony, according to Aristotle ...