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n.1.One who feigns or pretends.
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Consequently, decision-making exclusively grounded on these instruments entails systematically incurring in two types of errors: false positives (identifying honest individuals as feigners), and false negatives (identifying feigner as honest).
Both were readily seated and promptly served -- not quite Eddie Feigner style, but a good 87-mph ball for sure.
If he is fed up with being labelled a feigner, it does not show.
For the next 20 years, Midway was used for a variety of activities: high-school and other amateur sports, exhibitions such as famed softball pitcher Eddie Feigner with the King and His Court, a practice facility for the Minnesota Vikings football team, and wrestling.
With him, I saw Eddie Feigner, the famed leader of a four man softball troop, the King and his Court, play at Eisenhower Park.
In fact, Willis did face the very best, once pitching a Eugene team to a victory over the famed touring team The King and His Court, which was built around the incomparable Eddie Feigner.
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Eddie Feigner," came the answer, and Snow was ready to pounce on that.
He cowrote Broadcast Rites and Sites: I Saw It on the Radio with the Boston Red Sox with Joe Castiglione, the radio voice of the Boston Red Sox, and cowrote From an Orphan to a King with Eddie Feigner.
Although this cichlid is a death feigner, it's not trying to avoid predators, Tobler said in the March 2005 Journal of Fish Biology.
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71) She does not learn to be an actor, a feigner, until the very end, when everything is on the line.