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(ˈfɛldʃə) ,




(Medicine) (in Russia) a medical doctor's assistant
[C19: Russian, from German Feldscher a field surgeon, from Feld field + Scherer surgeon, from scheren to shear]
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Every year, we open feldsher and midwifery stations, offices of general practitioners, medical dispensaries, and today, thanks to the joint efforts and fruitful work of the two ministries - health and agriculture, the district administration, the district hospital, we are opening this fine FAP.
Compared to the previous 2001 LLH surveys, the use of feldshers and midwives has fallen (4 percent of users living in urban areas consulting with a feldsher or midwife; 11 percent living in rural areas).
Mainstage: Kid-Simple, a radio play in the flesh, Jordan Harrison; dir: Scott Feldsher.
Can a Jewish feldsher (a communal paramedic) or a basic scientist be considered a "Jewish Doctor" as he implies?
In addition, feldsher stations (primary care facilities staffed with physician's assistants) may exist, especially in rural areas.
The MOH requires reporting of all malaria cases; reporting sources include physicians and feldshers (health-care workers similar to physician's assistants who often are the first contact patients may have with the medical system, especially in rural areas) who examine patients in hospitals, polyclinics, diagnostic centers, ambulatory clinics, or individual feldsher stations.
No other bonesetter, "quack," feldsher or other non-medically qualified person ever equaled his fame.
Produced by Michael Burns, Marc Butan, Paul Feldsher.