Felix Klein

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Noun1.Felix Klein - German mathematician who created the Klein bottle (1849-1925)
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Speaking on the same, Germany's Anti-Semitism Commissioner Felix Klein told DW "It's absolutely unacceptable that, in 2019, we hear anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish slogans in Germany.""We should all stand up against that.
His statement came after the German governments Commissioner on Anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, said on Saturday, I cannot advise Jews to wear the kippah everywhere all the time in Germany.
Felix Klein warned Jews against donning the kippa in parts of the country, following a rise in anti-Semitism.
The German anti-Semitism commissioner Felix Klein has warned members of the German Jewish community to not wear their Kippas everywhere in public, as anti-Semitic crimes are on the increase across Germany.
Germany's commissioner Felix Klein told the Berlin-based Tagesspiegel paper on Wednesday that he would find a ban of the rally.
At the same time, Germany appointed its first anti-Semitism commissioner, Felix Klein.
Germany recently appointed Felix Klein to serve as the government's first commissioner to oversee the issue.