n.1.Variant of Felon.
Those two were foes the fellonest on ground.
- Spenser.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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XIII--Franchezza Si com'i' stava in far mia pregheria A quel fellon ch'e si pien d'arditez[z]a, Lo Dio d'amor si vi man[do] Franchezza, Co*Ilei Pieta, per sua ambasceria.
Fellon is a financial strategist at Agili of Bethlehem and Richmond, Virginia, responsible for client financial strategy and counsel, comprehensive financial planning, and investment management.
Fellon Black Aluminum and Wood 173/4inch-wide Pendant and Logan Ribbed Ceramic Modern Table Lamp, Lamps Plus; lompspfus.com.
Ma la partenza non viene fermata e Armida, come presagito, si ritrova abbandonata dall"'empio fellon" (II, 17).
A full complement of activity in the U18s Youth Division saw Mersey South enjoy a 4-1 win over Woolton Diamonds after a Max Fellon double was supplemented by further efforts from James Woolfe and Luke Pace while Stanley Youth (Newsham and Dickson) drew 2-2 against Maiden Lane (Dennis and Williams).
The lowest volume fellon Armenia ($992,300) and Moldova ($4.31 million).
That wasn't the last we saw of the wet weather either, only a few days later, the clouds gathered once more and rain fellon Sundaynight andMonday.
Tharanga was well set following a brief rain break but then fellon 46.
upon looking more carefully at the stained old type, I found that it was "fellon," not "fellow." The present way of spelling this word is with one l--felon--and so I easily mistook it.
On Saturday a turn of fortune saw the Frankby based side thrash Blacon YC 5-1, thanks to a brace apiece for David Johnson and Anthony Fellon and a single for Paul Ledsham.