fellow traveler

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fellow traveler

One who sympathizes with or supports the tenets and program of an organized group, such as the Communist Party, without being a member.

[Translation of Russian poputchik : po, on, along + put', path + -chik, n. suff.]

fel′low trav′eler

a person who supports or sympathizes with a group or party, esp. a Communist Party, but is not a member.
[1935–40; translation of Russian popútchik]
fel′low-trav′eling, adj.
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Noun1.fellow traveler - a communist sympathizer (but not a member of the Communist Party)
well-wisher, sympathiser, sympathizer - someone who shares your feelings or opinions and hopes that you will be successful
2.fellow traveler - a traveler who accompanies you
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
References in classic literature ?
There is no crime too black for such a Character!" Thus reasoned I within myself, and doubtless such were the reflections of my fellow travellers.
Milton Sublette, his former fellow traveller, and his companion in the battle scenes of Pierre's Hole, took passage in his boat.
Fellow travellers said the man began complaining before the 7.20pm flight took off, as he wasn't given a seat next to his daughter.
Both women used to pose as fellow travellers and on wining over their prey, proceeded to the crime.
Muscat: Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) community, led by Dr Ali bin Saud Al Bimani, vice chancellor, received Ahmed Harib Al Mahrouqi and his fellow travellers, who are undertaking a journey from Muscat to Salalah on camels.
What is more irksome to me and my fellow travellers are the number of free rides that are giving in the evenings whilst we pay.
The astonishingly high percentage of fellow travellers decked out in pristine chinos--always a sure-fire indicator of the male engineer attempting to do smart-casual.
Fellow travellers on the 18.35 Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough service on Wednesday looked on as a drink-fuelled brawl broke out as the train neared Thirsk.
The Minister of State for Railways, Manoj Sinha said that the Indian Railways is on a transformative journey and it looks forward to using social media as a platform to tell its stories and constantly hear from fellow travellers.
That was the fate which befell my fellow travellers and I on a family holiday to France last year.
PASSENGERS on a plane from Israel to Britain had a shock when they realised one of their fellow travellers had an unusual item with them - a snake.
"It was her who slapped Iqra Nawaz and then uttered abusive words and later on get sarcastic with fellow travellers on the bus", it said.

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