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or Feng•chieh


also Feng•kieh

(-ˈgyʌ, -ˈdʒyʌ)

a city in E Sichuan province, in S central China, on the Chang Jiang. 250,000.
Formerly, Guizhou.
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The work was conducted in Fengjie County, Chongqing, in the south-west of China.
The study area, Fengjie County of Chongqing, China (30[degrees] 29'19"-31[degrees]22'33"N, 109[degrees] 1'17"-109[degrees]45'58"E) (Fig.
It consists of 21 counties or cities of Chongqing municipalities (including Jiangjin district, Banan district, Chongqing major area (CMA), Yubei district, Changshou district, Fuling district, Wulong county, Fengdu county, Zhongxian county, Shizhu county, Wanzhou district, Kaixian county, Yunyang county, Fengjie county, Wuxi county, and Wushan county) and the Hubei province (including Badong county, Xingshan county, Zigui county, and Yichang city), with various geographic conditions: 74% of the region is mountainous, 4.3% is plains, and 21.7% is hilly.