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1. One of a legendary group of heroic Irish warriors of the second and third centuries ad.
2. A member of a secret revolutionary organization in the United States and Ireland in the mid-19th century, dedicated to the overthrow of British rule in Ireland.

[From alteration (influenced by féne, body of freemen under early Irish law) of Irish Gaelic fianna, bands of young warriors, from Old Irish fíanna, pl. of fían.]

Fe′ni·an adj.
Fe′ni·an·ism n.
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the principles and practices of an Irish revolutionary organization founded in New York in 1858, especially its emphasis on the establishment of an independent Irish republic. — Fenian, n., adj.
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The Fenian Brotherhood was a secret Irish-American society founded in 1858 by John O'Mahony and Michael Doheny.
At that point one would think he would have had his fill of filibustering to the north--as indeed the Fenian Brotherhood itself had.
(7) The Fenian Brotherhood Circular of the Corresponding Secretary for the Period Commencing 10th Sept.
The jist of the conspiracy outlined in this entertaining book, which has the pageturning narrative drive of a spy thriller, is that the British Government installed a double agent into the Irish republican organisation, the Fenian Brotherhood, with the aim of fomenting the plot to murder Queen Victoria.
And it points the finger of blame directly at the British government which it claims paid a spy to infiltrate the US wing of the Fenian Brotherhood, Clan na Gael, where he plotted a bomb attack on Queen Victoria.
Some time after 1885, when he was 20 years old, Yeats himself joined the secret Irish Republican Brotherhood (a descendent of the Fenian Brotherhood of the late 1860s and a predecessor of the IRA).
In the course of his season with the Red Stockings, Sam befriends Mark Twain, takes the transcontinental railroad west to San Francisco, is ensnared in a political plot hatched by the Fenian Brotherhood to invade Canada and ransom it for Irish freedom, and falls in love with a young Fenian widow, Cait Leonard.
O'Donoghue's call for military support, the Fenian Brotherhood did not officially sanction the action.(3)
It was revived in 1857-8 in the form of the Fenian Brotherhood. The exact origins of Fenianism are debatable though some of the leaders were suspected of having had early association with 1848 revolutionary leaders in Paris.
(or Fenian Brotherhood) An association of Irish nationalists, founded in New York in 1857 with a view to securing the independence of Ireland.