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a. & adv.1.Far.
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It's quite providential, first an' last, fer all concerned.
They sewed him up in a bed-bag, his head an' feet appearin', fer the rest o' the trip, an' now he's to home in Essex playin' with little rag dolls.
Harvey choked with rage, but Troop went on consolingly: "We're sorry fer you.
Allowin' we could do it, which we can't, you ain't in no fit state to go back to your home, an' we've jest come on to the Banks, workin' fer our bread.
Ten an' a ha'af fer second boy on the schooner - an' all f'und - fer to teach you an' fer the sake o' your health.
He ain't responsible fer the names he's give me, nor fer his other statements nor fer jumpin' overboard, which I'm abaout ha'af convinced he did.
I met one of th' 148th Maine boys an' he ses his brigade fit th' hull rebel army fer four hours over on th' turnpike road an' killed about five thousand of 'em.
Gawd," he said, "I wonner if I've been played fer a duffer.
Swans boss Carlos Carvalhal believed the challenge merited a yellow card and no more, pointing to the defensive cover ahead of Costa and believing Fer had not used excessive force in the tackle although he clearly made no attempt to win the ball.
Le PDG de la SNCFT, Anis Oueslati, a souligne, a cette occasion, que " ce memorandum vise a mettre en place le cadre general de cooperation entre les deux parties afin de renforcer les capacites des chemins de fer des deux pays a travers l'echange d'experiences et d'expertises dans les domaines de securite professionnelle, de formation des ressources humaines et de maintenance des equipements relatifs au transport ferroviaire des passagers et des marchandises ".
While it was Fer who ran off in celebration of his first Swansea goal since arriving in January on loan before making a PS4.
Fer was given an extended break following Holland's third-place finish in Brazil but he did appear for Norwich as a late substitute in their 3-0 win over Watford.