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(Zool.) the serval. See Serval.
the serval. See Serval.

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He agreed to let me go along with him as long as I didn't identify the exact location of the feral cat colonies--he was afraid people would drop off unwanted cats (someone once left a basket of seven kittens at a colony) or intentionally hurt or poison them.
Feral cat proof fence designed and aligned New technology (grooming) traps trialled over 50 days show they effectively target feral cats, and distinguished them from 15 non-target species.
An article in the February issue on alternatives to relinquishing pets to shelters featured a dashing photo of Rascal, a feral cat who was neutered, vaccinated and adopted to work as a Rodent Ranger.
She said she expects to see a change in the feral cat population within two years.
Joyce's dedication was tested when she ended up in hospital for three days following a bite from a feral cat.
A feral cat lobby's viral reaction to a column he wrote for another journal led Audubon leadership to discipline him with knee-jerk alacrity.
The Utah legislature also considered a measure in 2011 that would have legalized shooting feral cats, but it failed to earn enough votes to advance, thanks in part to the feral cat lobby, which advocates trapping, neutering, and then releasing cats back into the wild.
com)-- Non-profit feral cat group Paws On Your Heart has announced their latest contest: to name the newest kitten at their sanctuary.
As we get our feral cat and pit bull populations under control, we will take yet another giant leap toward no-kill.
In our experience, neutering and feeding a feral cat can actually increase their predatory abilities," she said.
The author suggests that historically the fox has had a much greater impact on native mammals than the feral cat.
Public consultation on the feral cat declaration will start early in 2018, with stakeholders and the community to ensure that animal welfare objectives are met and responsible cat ownership remains respected and enshrined as a fundamental right for all Victorians.