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 (fûr′bər), Edna 1887-1968.
American writer known for her novels, including So Big (1924), which won a Pulitzer Prize, and Giant (1952).


(ˈfɜr bər)

Edna, 1887–1968, U.S. writer.
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Noun1.Ferber - United States novelistFerber - United States novelist; author of several popular novels (1887-1968)
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The Micro Wind Turbine, a lightweight, wind-powered charger designed by 30-year-old Nils Ferber is the latest, most exciting solution.
Kimmel and Ferber provide the reader with the latest and most important scholarship regarding the subject of privilege.
Contemporaneous writing about the redoubtable Edna Ferber anticipates her eventual neglect.
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But in his conflicts, Ferber is wise not to assign too much blame.
To design and implement such a reference architecture, we need companies in multiple domains to agree on it," Ferber said.
Kopie Luwak was commissioned by the ABQ from jazz composer, arranger, and bandleader Alan Ferber.
The European Parliament, the Lithuanian EU Presidency (in name of the Council) and the Commission made "great progress" on the reform of financial markets (MiFID II-MiFIR) at their three-way talks in Strasbourg, on 21 November, rapporteur Markus Ferber (EPP, Germany) said on Twitter.
Editors Kimmel (sociology, SUNY-Stony Brook) and Ferber (sociology, University of Colorado) gather provocative readings for undergraduate and graduate students, with the goal of fostering awareness rather than inducing guilt.