Ferdinand and Isabella

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Noun1.Ferdinand and Isabella - joint monarchs of Spain; Ferdinand V and Isabella I
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One of the seminal events in both Spanish and Muslim history, the 1492 handover of Granada to Ferdinand and Isabella effectively ended seven hundred years of an Islamic kingdom in southern Spain.
It does so by tracing the presence of biblical images in a selection of works composed between the reigns of Ferdinand and Isabella and Philip IV.
Well, dear successors of Ferdinand and Isabella, we are not in 1492 and you have real existential trouble.
The marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1469 led to the union of their two countries to form the basis of modern Spain.
The Spain of Ferdinand and Isabella is painted for the reader in vivid descriptive prose and we are not shielded from the vicious reality of life under the inquisition where suspicion, distrust and torture reigns.
Granada's historical importance is best summed up in its beautiful cathedral, which contains the tomb of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic monarchs who defeated the Moors in 1492 and succeeded in unifying Spain.
This title, first published in the US by Double-day in 2005, is concerned with the conflict between a united Spanish monarchy, in the persons of Ferdinand and Isabella, and the surviving Mohammedan presence in Spain, the Caliphate of Al Andalus.
A Habsburg, in his teens in 1516 he inherited Spain, which had been united by his grandparents Ferdinand and Isabella.
Most students learn that this expedition was financed by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, and most Catholic school children learn--or at least they used to--that, by papal decree, these were the "Catholic Monarchs.
For example, De Lollis printed a volume of materials edited by Gustavo Uzielli relating to the life and work of the famous Florentine Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli who, at the time, was thought to have corresponded directly with Columbus and to have provided him with a map demonstrating the navigability of the Atlantic which he then used to convince Ferdinand and Isabella to underwrite his "Enterprise of the Indies.
THERE is a little-known Spanish city in which you can see the birthplace of Cervantes, a newlydiscovered 17th century theatre, and a glorious Archbishop's Palace where Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife, was born, and Christopher Columbus begged her parents, Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella, for money to sail to the New World.
1421: Sea broke through the dykes at Dort in Holland, drowning more than 100,000 people; 1492: Ferdinand and Isabella of Castile signed their grant to Columbus; 1521: Martin Luther excommunicated by the Diet of Worms; 1790: Death of American author and scientist Benjamin Franklin; 1860: The first international boxing match between American boxer John C Heenan and British boxer Tom Sayers ended in a draw after 42 rounds of bare-knuckle brawling; 1940: Yugoslavia surrendered to the Germans; 1956: Premium Savings Bonds introduced in Britain.