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Noun1.Ferdinand de Lesseps - French diplomat who supervised the construction of the Suez Canal (1805-1894)Ferdinand de Lesseps - French diplomat who supervised the construction of the Suez Canal (1805-1894)
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Address : Quai Ferdinand De Lesseps Bp 485, 97165, Pointe--Pitre Cdex, Gp
In November, Nicolas, a descendent of the late French diplomat and the developer of the Canal, Ferdinand de Lesseps, visited the Historical Gallery.
It had taken 10 years to make the 100-mile canal devised by Ferdinand de Lesseps.
A serious breakthrough in the construction of the canal however, occurred at the hands of a Frenchman in 1858 when Ferdinand de Lesseps, a diplomat as well as an engineer, used both his skills to convince the Egyptian Viceroy, Sa'id Pasha, of the necessity of the project.
Fresh from the successful opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, an historic joining of the Red and Mediterranean Seas, French diplomat and enterprising businessman Ferdinand de Lesseps turned his attention to the narrow strip of land in modern-day Panama which was forcing ships to navigate the long and treacherous route around Cape Horn, Chile, to get between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
The project manager, Ferdinand de Lesseps, was so confident that he only visited the work site a handful of times during the entire 13 years of work and he expected the work to proceed without any blueprints.
Transcurrieron tres siglos antes de que los franceses, de la mano de Ferdinand de Lesseps en 1880 (tras la apertura del Canal de Suez en 1869) planearan la construccion de un nuevo canal Interoceanico en America Central.
Diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps, above left, led the construction but eight years later thousands of workers had died, the company behind the scheme had gone bust and almost 1,000 investors had got their fingers burnt.
Fresh from building the Suez Canal - and led by its inspirational engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps - they boasted they would link the Atlantic and the Pacific.
The project, which saved ships from an 8,000-mile journey round the stormy Cape Horn, cost PS250million and had taken 40 years to achieve, with American engineers finally triumphing where the French - led by Suez Canal builder Ferdinand de Lesseps - failed.
The French had tried to build the canal a few years earlier but, despite putting the builder of the Suez Canal, Ferdinand de Lesseps, on the job, they left in total failure.
Wright's edition of Berchere's journey through the desert under transformation will offer fertile ground to specialists in a broad spectrum of intellectual pursuits, ranging from Eugene Fromentin and Ferdinand de Lesseps to the history and aesthetics of the travel narrative, word/image studies, pictorial and discursive representations of the Orient, the history of technology and work, the ideologies and politics of the Second Empire, and both colonial and post-colonial studies.