Ferenc Molnar

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Noun1.Ferenc Molnar - Hungarian playwright (1878-1952)Ferenc Molnar - Hungarian playwright (1878-1952)  
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Even if one were to accept Appel's somewhat dubious proviso that no allusion was intended on Nabokov's part to the Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnar, the writer's name would probably have been familiar enough to Nabokov, and possibly to his potential readers, too, to clearly suggest the bearer's national background.
where he was in exile during World War II, included Marlene Dietrich, Ferenc Molnar, Erich Maria Remarque, and Franz and Alma Mahler Werfel.
Marta Sarkozi was the daughter of Ferenc Molnar, born from the playwright's first (disastrous) marriage.
Yet even in this realm there are surprises: the Jewish Ludwig Hirschfeld had a play performed as late as September 1933, while another Jew, Ferenc Molnar, had a premiere in November of the same year.