a.1.compar. of Fere, fierce.
Rhenus ferier than the cataract.
- Marston.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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C'est ce qu'a informe jeudi 21 Ferier le ministre de l'interieur, des collectivites locales et de l'amenagement du territoire, Nouredine Bedoui lors de son allocution prononcee a l'occasion de l'inauguration de la raffinerie d'Alger situee a Sidi Rezine .
Companies like the Italian Bianchini Ferier and the Swiss Synergie became his patrons.
Dawood also presents material collected from the Bianchini Ferier textile collection - a house that began in the 1880's using boldly stylised designs which experienced an explosion of popularity in the early 1900's.
FRENCH painter Raul Dufy worked for the Lyon fabric house Biancini Ferier from 1912 to 1928, where he created hundreds of designs that found their way on to the material produced by the textile factory.
Instead, it is a compositum of poems and prose from moder jord (1971), Vaxandet (1976), Ferier (1983), Sav (1989), and Varvinterdagar (1997; see WLT 73:1, p.