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1. An organism that causes fermentation.
2. also fer·men·tor An apparatus that maintains optimal conditions for the growth of microorganisms, used in large-scale fermentation and in the commercial production of antibiotics and hormones.
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The 50ul amplification reaction mixture consisted of 1x PCR buffer (75mM Tris-HCl pH 8.8, 20 mM (NH4)2SO4 and 0.01% tween 20), 0.125mM dNTPs mixture, 1.5mM magnesium chloride, 100 pmoles of each forward and reverse primer, 2.5 units of Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas Cat # EP0402) and 100ng of template (genomic DNA).
PCR experiments were conducted in a volume of 25 [MICRO]L, consisting of 1X PCR buffer (Fermentas, GmbH, Germany), 2 mM Mg[Cl.sub.2], 0.2 mM dNTPs, 0.5 [micro]M of the non-biotinylated universal bacterial primers, 50 ng of genomic DNA (each of the five target bacteria) and 1 unit Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas, GmbH, Germany).
PCR reactions were prepared in 25 uL volume consisting of 1X Taq Buffer (Fermentas), 2 uM MgCl2 (Fermentas), 2.5 uM dNTP, 2.5 uM primer, 6 ng of genomic DNA, 1U of Taq Polymerase (Fermentas).
Tenders are invited for Annual rate contract for fermentas biochemicals
The reaction was done in a final volume of 20 ul containing 2 ul of 10 X PCR buffer without magnesium chloride(MgCl2) (Fermentas, Lithuania), 1 ul of 25 mM MgCl2 (Fermentas, Lithuan4a), 1 ul 2mM deoxyribonucleotide triphosphate (dNTPs) (Fermentas, Lithuania), 0.1 ul of 5U Taq DNA polymerase enzyme (Fermentas, Lithuania), 1 ul of 20 uM of forward and reverse primers, 2 ul of 40 ng/ul human genomic DNA and volume of the reaction was made up to 20ul with autoclaved deionised water.
The PCR reaction was performed using 2.5 [micro]L 10X buffer (MBI Fermentas), 1 [micro]L of 2.5 mM dNTP (Invitrogen, USA), 1.5 [micro]L of 25 mM MgCE (MBI Fermentas), 2 [micro]L of the 10 pmol EI1 primer (Invitrogen, USA), 0.2 [micro]L of 1.25 U taq DNA polymerase (MBI Fermentas) and 1.0 [micro]L of DNA.
For over 35 years, Fermentas led the industry world-wide in the discovery, manufacturing and marketing of quality molecular biology products for life science research and diagnostics.
Hundred uL of reaction mixture was made up of 7 uL dNTPs, 5 uL of 10x PCR buffer, 3 uL MgCl2, 2 uL of each primer, 1.5 uLTaq polymerase (Fermentas, USA), 10 uL template DNA and 10 mM Tris buffer (pH 8.3) to make the volume.
RNA extraction (Gene Jet RNA Purification Kit, Fermentas) and complementary doxyribonucleic acid (cDNA synthesis (RevertAid Premium First Strand DNA, Fermentas) was carried out as per manufacturer's protocol.
[10] PCR reaction was carried out in 20 [micro]L reaction volume, containing 50ng of template DNA, 1.5 mM Mg[Cl.sub.2], 0.2 mM dNTPs (Fermentas, USA), 10 picomoles of each primer, 1U of Taq polymerase (Sigma-Aldrich, India) and 1X Taq buffer.
The DNA (stock concentration 100 [micro]mol/L) oligonucleotides were mixed to a final concentration of 10 [micro]mol/L in 1X [T.sub.4] polynucleotide kinase reaction buffer A (Fermentas) with 0.25 U/[micro]L T4 polynucleotide kinase (Fermentas), 10 mmol/L ATP, and incubated for 30 min at 37[degrees]C, followed by inactivation at 75[degrees]C for 10 min in a thermocycler.