Fermentation tank

Fer`men`ta´tion tank

1.a tank in which fermentations are carried out.
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Putting into methane fermentation tank, keeping for about 20 days with temperature control, there will be methane fermentation occurs," said a guide staff at JFE Engineering Corporation.
This means the wine has had more contact with the lees which are the bits of grape etc and the dead yeast cells left in the fermentation tank.
From the brewhouse, where liquor (water) is heated to 66 degrees for the mashing-in process and wort is boiled with hops for 90 minutes; to heating the brewhouse and fermentation tank CIP system.
The five-figure investment in a new 10bbl fermentation tank will help with growing demand from outside of the region as well as satisfying regular, local pubs who have supported the business from the start.
Build-out of the facility will see landscaping/hardscaping and fermentation tank installation.
Using all of his upper-body strength, David Nahmias twisted the lid off of a 1,000-liter fermentation tank, releasing a deep, fruity smell into the air.
The removal of the skins from the fermentation tank is one of the most labor-intensive aspects of winemaking (Figure 3.
After filtering the wort is put through a heat exchanger to reduce the temperature from 102[degrees]C to between 20 and 28[degrees]C and is passed into the fermentation tank where the yeast is added.
By taking a handful of wet parchment from the fermentation tank, washing in water and feeling the texture will indicate whether or not fermentation is complete.
The food is sent into a fermentation tank where yeast converts it to ethanol.
After settling is complete, the clean juice is racked off into the fermentation tank (Figure 3-16) where it is adjusted with yeast and fermentation additives, if needed.