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Noun1.Fernand Leger - French painter who was an early cubist (1881-1955)
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For more than 100 years, Bryant Park Studios has been home to some of New York City's most storied and creative artists and professionals from Norman Rockwell, Edward Steichen, Irving Penn, Fernand Leger, Florine Stettheimer and Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney to Donna Karan and Liz Claiborne.
Synopsis: Born in New York in 1928, William Klein studied painting and worked briefly as Fernand Leger's assistant in Paris, but never received formal training in photography.
The Brindley, High Street, Runcorn, 0151 907 8360 - Wed, 13 Mar Muses, Anti-Muses, Counter Muses Half-day symposium that brings together three leading scholars to highlight key women artists, writers and intellectuals who were Fernand Leger's contemporaries, friends and often collaborators.
A great way to introduce the kids to art, theTate Liverpoolis home to an array of stunning works by artists such as Fernand Leger and Keith Haring.
During this era, he made the acquaintance of many of the original surrealists, including, Georges Braque, Fernand Leger and Alberto Giacometti.
Aime Maeght, the art dealer who fled Nazi-occupied Paris for the balmier climes of the French Riviera, is generally revered around those parts, not least for building his Fondation Maeght, a stunning modernist masterpiece by the Catalan architect Josep Sert, perched in the hills by Saint-Paul de Vence, and then stuffing it with work by his proteges and friends -- Joan Miro, Fernand Leger, Alexander Calder, Alberto Giacometti, Georges Braque, Baltus and Pierre Bonnard.
As well as Leonardo, the year also saw new auction records for Basquiat, Qi, Zao, Marc Chagall, Fernand Leger and Brancusi.
Hans Hofmann (German-born American; 1880-1966) began his work in Paris alongside Pablo Picasso and Fernand Leger. He is considered a great Abstract Expressionist.
A funcao da Pintura tao explicitamente tratada por Fernand Leger (Leger, 1965), numa publicacao que marcou e refletiu o espirito de uma geracao modernista, encontra na "arte pela arte" o modelo enaltecido e sobrevalorizado no seculo XX (Witcombe, 1995), cujas funcoes se poderao resumir a tornar mais belos os diversos quotidianos modernistas.
Earlier during the Monday sale, Fernand Leger's 1913 Cubist composition, "Contraste de formes," fetched $70.1 million, an auction record for the French artist whose previous high was $39.2 million, according to Artnet.
He met and cultivated relationships with artists and engaged intellectuals (Fernand Leger, Marc Chagall, Julien Green, Henri Laugier, Henri Focillon, Elisabeth de Miribel, Jacques Maritain, not to mention his close Canadian cohorts John Lyman and Paul-Emile Borduas) and members of high society (Albert Barnes, Jean and Dominique de Menil, the Rothschilds, and the family of the Marquis de Cuevas, with whom he lodged when he was considered too radical even for his Dominican brothers).