De Soto

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de So·to

 (dĭ sō′tō, dĕ), Hernando or Fernando 1496?-1542.
Spanish explorer who landed in Florida in 1539 with 600 men and set out to search for the fabled riches of the north. For the next three years he explored much of southern North America, discovering and crossing the Mississippi River in 1541.

De Soto

(də ˈsəʊtəʊ; Spanish de ˈsoto)
(Biography) Hernando (ɛrˈnando). ?1500–42, Spanish explorer, who discovered the Mississippi River (1541). Also: Fernando De Soto

De So•to

(də ˈsoʊ toʊ)
Hernando or Fernando, c1500–42, Spanish explorer in America.
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It was based upon a Portuguese work, Relacam, which was written by a voyager who claimed to have been with Fernando de Soto on the expedition through Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana.
was performed by priests accompanying the Fernando de Soto expedition.
Fernando de Soto landed in Florida and began the consolidation of Spain's dominion over the peninsula.