Fernando Po

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Fer·nan·do Po

 (fər-năn′dō pō′)
See Bioko.

Fernando Po

(fəˈnændəʊ pəʊ)
(Placename) a former name (until 1973) of Bioko


(biˈoʊ koʊ)

an island in the Bight of Biafra, near the W coast of Africa: a province of Equatorial Guinea. 80,000; ab. 800 sq. mi. (2072 sq. km). Formerly, Fernando Po, Macías Nguema Biyogo.
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Perhaps unhealthy capitalism is the nature of big capital all over the world, whether in the US, Canada, Nigeria or Fernando Po! Healthy capitalism is perhaps only found among small and medium enterprises where labour and capital are still closer to each other.
King and his government for the Fernando Po Slave Trade, which many well informed international human rights organizations condemned, she selected to say that, 'the tribesmen were working on their own farms and claiming that it was a forced labor?'
There were some attractive stamps depicting whales from a variety of islands around the world such ASTONGA, Fernando Po and the Falklands.
The likelihood of the Living Word, for instance, being delivered from beaches in Guinea Bissau and Fernando Po is very high on the agenda.
Fernando Po, West Africa's largest island, 'which Livingstone reportedly called an unpolished jewel', was by the mid-twentieth century being studded with an imperial agro-capitalist crown.
Individual contributions are focused on missionary descriptions in a colonial context, the missionary linguistics of Fernando Po, transculturation, assimilation, and appropriation in the missionary representation of Nahuatl, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
We are confidently informed by executives at Fernando Po it is 'business as usual' in Burkina Faso given the military takeover, but we have suspended discussions with potential partners in Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya and Libya until our executives' safety can be guaranteed in those countries, as well as implementation and commissioning crews.
It comprises two parts: a Continental Region (Rio Muni), including several small offshore islands like Corisco, Elobey Grande and Elobey Chico, and an insular region containing Annobon island and Bioko island (formerly Fernando Po) where the capital Malabo is situated.
The committee heard evidence for three months concerning allegations of slavery among the workforce at the Firestone rubber plantation and of native Liberians being rounded up at gunpoint by government forces, loaded on to ships and taken out into the Atlantic to work on plantations on a Spanish island colony called Fernando Po.
As a British consul in Fernando Po off West Africa, Santos in Brazil, Damascus and Trieste, Burton veered between being an insensitive disaster and a workshy dilettante.