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a.1.Wild; savage.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Iron ores and non ferous metals###741###685###752###789
ME Mcal/kg= Metabolizable energy mega calories per kilogram ; C.P= crude protein Mineral mixture composition (per kilogram): Dicalcium phosphate 708g; Sodium choloride 189g; Magnassium sulphate 86.0g; Ferous sulphate 8.9g; Manganese sulphate 4.9g; Zinc sulphate 3.2g; Copper sulphate 0.3g; Potassium iodide 0.087mg and Cobalt chloride 0.0089mg ; Sodium selenate 0.015mg.
The home side had bowled and fielded terrifically, but Golcar responded brilliantly and after the fall of the seventh wicket you could hear a pin drop (at least during the pause for breath of the voci ferous Go lcar entourage).
ONE of Britain's best known Muslim preachers criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday for failing to oppose the war against Iraq more voc i ferous
Some students with a background in art history became uncomfortable and defensive about the often voci ferous critiques we were reading.
CMI Courses August 20-23 Practical Green Sand Control- AFS Ferous (09-03) August 21-22 Continuous Process Improvement for AFS Metalcasers (10-03) August 27-29 Permanent Mold Aluminum-Tilt Pour AFS (11-03) August 28-29 Geometric Dimensioning & AFS Tolerancing (12-03) September 10-12 Introduction to Metalcasting AFS (13-03) September 17-19 Gating & Riser Design (14-03) Ellensburg, WA September 18-19 Analysis & Reduction of Investment AFS Casting Deects (15-03) September 24-26 Analysis & Reduction of Casting AFS Defects (16-03) September 24-27 Metallurgy of Gray & Ductile AFS Iron (17-03) September 25-26 Practical Metallurgy of Copper-Base Burlington, ON Casting Alloys (18-03)