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a.1.Pertaining to Ferrara, in Italy.
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"Nimesh is the leader we need to take us into the next generation of pharmacy ownership, " says Heather Ferrarese of Bartle's Health Mart Pharmacy in Oxford, N.Y., the 2018 McKesson Pharmacy of the Year winner.
They were immortalised by the brush of Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931), a painter of Ferrarese origins who spent most of his career in Paris, portraying the international high society of the time.
Gia dal titolo dello studio, Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola tra Savonarola e Giovanni Pico, e espressa la posizione critica di Moreschini, il quale vede il Mirandolano in una posizione quasi mediana tra il domenicano ferrarese e lo zio filosofo, nella consapevolezza pero che quest'ultimo e riletto da Gianfrancesco in una chiave prettamente apologetica, rendendo cosi l'autore della celebre Oratio de hominis dignitate un campione della filosofia cristianamente ispirata.
Identifying contemporary developments on the theme of vulnerability within critical theory, Ferrarese seeks to reconstruct an idea of vulnerability that enables an articulation of the political and demonstrates how it is socially produced.
team has senior professionals with backgrounds in finance, sales, pharmaceutical production, healthcare management, indoor cultivation, genetics, and biochemistry, and will be led by chief executive officer, Tom Schultz, and chief operating officer, Rino Ferrarese.
Similar artefacts from the same chronology have been found in Sardinia, at the tomb of Bingia 'e Monti, Gonnostramatza (Nicolis and Mottes, 1998: 303) and at the Tomb XVI of the cemetery of Su Crocifissu Mannu, Porto Torres (Ferrarese, 1974: 159-164).
Determination of PAL enzyme activity: PAL activity was determined by the amount of trans-cinnamic acid which formed as products of the reaction catalyzed by PAL, which was detected by HPLC according to the method of Ferrarese et all.
Alberto Ferrarese, Patrizia Burra, Paolo Angeli, Valerie Tikhonoff, Edoardo Casiglia, and Marco Senzolo contributed to the conception and design; Alberto Ferrarese, Patrizia Burra, Silvano Fasolato, Francesco Paolo Russo, Alberto Zanetto, and Giacomo Germani contributed to the acquisition of data and preparation of the manuscript.
Ferrarese MR, Le Istituzioni della Globalizzazione (Il Mulino 2000)
Several sources on the Crusades and the East were readily accessible to the Ferrarese court, as Boiardo's Historia Imperiale (c.