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A liquid that consists of a colloidal suspension of ferromagnetic particles and that becomes strongly polarized in the presence of a magnetic field. Ferrofluids do not retain the polarization once the magnetic field is removed.

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Forty (40) interactive science exhibits show PSFT, including Up Hill Rollers, Ferro Fluid, Bernoulli Blowers, Simple Generator and more.
The materials that line the walls of the library range from threaded steel, new formulations of rubber, honeycomb, metals, ceramics and polymers, to silicon nitride ball bearings, ferro fluid and thermochromic brick.
This paper presents a type of voice coil actuator (Morgan & Milligan, 1997); (***, 2005) which uses ferro fluid (Anton & Vekas, 2002) within the magnetic circuit.
We propose an actuator in which the air gap in the electromagnetic circuit is filled with a ferro fluid (Nascutiu, 2006).