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n.1.(Arch. & Engin.) Concrete strengthened by a core or foundation skeleton of iron or steel bars, strips, etc. Floors, columns, piles, water pipes, etc., have been successfully made of it. Called also armored concrete steel, and most commonly reenforced concrete.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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With the Iron Bridge, the world's first bridge of iron of any size, having been closed to traffic for generations, the deterioration of the ferro-concrete Free Bridge downstream at Jackfield brought things to a head.
The towers were a part of the skyline since 1977."Because ferro-concrete material from the cooling towers is neither radioactive nor represents a risk for the environment, it was gradually processed at the spot," said Miriam #381iakovaacute, spokesperson of the Nuclear and Decommissioning Company (JAVYS), under whose helm the decommissioning is taking place.
The general models of mechanics of ferro-concrete.-Moscow: Stroyizdat, pp: 416.
Amateur camera image shows that while groom and bride leaving the home accompanied during chanting in KE-tahya's Simav district, balcony of the ferro-concrete building collapsed suddenly.
But when a British engineer who was an expert in ferro-concrete came up with a new way to stop this through the use of landfill, they simply did not want to know.
The kitchen and living and dining rooms surround a central, sculptural staircase, made of ferro-concrete steps and a steel substructure, that winds through three floors, separating public areas from a spa downstairs and bedrooms above.
This building was a massive steel-framed structure of ferro-concrete, originally only three storeys high.
When the pier was sold to the council it was given a new landing stage and spectacular pavilion, built in the latest material of ferro-concrete, at the shoreward end.