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 (fə-rōl′, fĕ-)
A city of northwest Spain on the Atlantic Ocean. An important naval station since the 18th century, it was occupied by the British and then the French in the early 1800s.


(Spanish fɛˈrrɔl)
(Placename) See El Ferrol

El Fer•rol

(ɛl fəˈroʊl)
a seaport in NW Spain. 88,101.
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"Dear Lady Narborough," murmured Dorian, smiling, "I have not been in love for a whole week--not, in fact, since Madame de Ferrol left town."
"But really, if you all worship Madame de Ferrol in this ridiculous way, I shall have to marry again so as to be in the fashion."
Lee Ferrol, 18, was already on bail - awaiting sentence for a knife attack - when he lashed out with the ornamental weapon he kept hanging on his wall.
The second selection is a tight game in the Spanish Segunda with Ferrol taking on Levante.