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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It's quite providential, first an' last, fer all concerned.
They sewed him up in a bed-bag, his head an' feet appearin', fer the rest o' the trip, an' now he's to home in Essex playin' with little rag dolls."
Harvey choked with rage, but Troop went on consolingly: "We're sorry fer you.
Allowin' we could do it, which we can't, you ain't in no fit state to go back to your home, an' we've jest come on to the Banks, workin' fer our bread.
Ten an' a ha'af fer second boy on the schooner - an' all f'und - fer to teach you an' fer the sake o' your health.
He ain't responsible fer the names he's give me, nor fer his other statements nor fer jumpin' overboard, which I'm abaout ha'af convinced he did.
"I met one of th' 148th Maine boys an' he ses his brigade fit th' hull rebel army fer four hours over on th' turnpike road an' killed about five thousand of 'em.
"Gawd," he said, "I wonner if I've been played fer a duffer."
I was seldom whipped by my old master, and suf- fered little from any thing else than hunger and cold.
The Board grants credit under its retirement plan to newly hired employees with previous CSRS and FERS service if the employee renounces benefits under the previous retirement plan (to prevent dual credit).
Despite coming under fire for their recent transfer dealings, Swansea are believed to be keen on tying Fer down to a new deal, with his current contract set to expire this summer.
Though the combat with Fer Diad is included as part of the canonical edition of TBCI edited by Cecile O'Rahilly, at lines 2567-3153, the earliest manuscript, Lebor na hUidre, breaks off just before the episode, and the Fer Diad material is only preserved in the fourteenth-century Yellow Book of Lecan and one of the sixteenth-century TBCI manuscripts.