ferulic acid

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fe·ru·lic acid

A compound, C10H10O4, forming a component of plant cell walls and used in the industrial manufacture of vanillin.

[From New Latin Ferula, plant genus including asafetida (since it was first isolated from asafetida), from Latin ferula, giant fennel; see fescue.]
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* Feruloyl Soy Glycerides 33 (FSG33), a cosmetics ingredient based on an ARS-developed personal care product called SoyScreen that absorbs the sun's harmful ultraviolet light.
These include the retention of exoacting cellobiohydrolase (CBH) cellulase genes, but, similar to Postia placenta, the absence of carbohydrate esterase family 1 (CE 1), a family containing feruloyl esterases (EC that might be involved in decoupling xylan from lignin, particularly in the decay of grasses [16].
Additionally, the protein moiety, feruloyl, and acetyl groups play a major role in pectin emulsifying activities, while the emulsion-stabilizing properties of the polymer are controlled by the HG fragments and the neutral sugar side chains of the RG-I [67].
Curcumin readily degrades in biological mediums and biological pH nonenzymatically to yield ferulic aldehyde, trans-6-(40-hydroxy-30-methoxyphenyl)-2,4-dioxo-5-hexenal, feruloyl methane, ferulic acid, and vanillin [194].
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Finally, the feruloyl moiety was proposed to be located at position C-6" of glucose with H-6" a and H-6"b ([delta]: 4.49 and 4.44 with the ABX system) presenting at a lower field shift and exhibiting HMBC correlation with the ester carbonyl carbon ([delta]: 168.28).
They discuss the taxonomy of these genera and the sister genus Talaromyces; techniques currently used in relation to genomics; a genomic perspective on biological processes of pathogenicity, carbon starvation, sulfur metabolism, feruloyl esterases, secondary metabolism, and pH modulation in these fungi; and an approach to generating targeted mutants using genomics to gain more insight into the mechanism underlying enzyme production.
The crystal structures of RML (pdb: 4TGL), TLL (pdb: 1GT6) in their open conformation and Aspergillus niger feruloyl esterase A (AnFaeA.
The reason explained was that PVA has high tensile strength with hydrogen bonds and xylanisbrittle and amorphous with its acetyl and feruloyl groups, as well as [alpha]-D-glucopyranosyl uronic acid or 4-O-methyl ether [4, 10, 23].