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a. festinante, acelerado, rápido.
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So festina lente, my destined Sylvia, festina lente!
Jones being impatient to be drest, for a reason which may be easily imagined, thought the shaver was very tedious in preparing his suds, and begged him to make haste; to which the other answered with much gravity, for he never discomposed his muscles on any account, " Festina lente , is a proverb which I learned long before I ever touched a razor."--"I find, friend, you are a scholar," replied Jones.
He runs recent course runner-up Festina Plente, who will be aiming to go one better than last time under Ben Coen.
Virenque was part of the Festina team that was eventually expelled from the 1998 Tour de France as a consequence of the Festina Affair, and although he stressed that there was 'no comparison' between his and Froome's situations, he said that he regretted remaining in the race for as long as he did against that background.
What Is Needed in the 21st Century Mindset: Festina Lente
One of the (only) phrases that has stuck with me from those lessons is "festina lente." The saying is translated as "make haste slowly," and it's a reminder to work slowly and thoroughly to get things right the first time.
Chronometreur officiel de la Grande Boucle entre 1992 et 1998, l'entreprise suisse remplace Festina, en place depuis 22 ans.
Fans will also see some of the best new talent in the Chris Hoy Future Stars competition at the event, for which Festina Watches are the Official Timing Partner.
His Festina team attempted to bully him into cheating but he was having none of it.
I've never seen the attraction of expensive watches and make do with an ancient Festina bought for less than [euro]100.
The American said last month that Verbruggen, desperate to avoid another controversy for the Tour de France a year after the Festina affair, had not only turned a blind eye when Armstrong explained a positive test for cortisone using a backdated prescription for a saddle sore cream, but had actively encouraged the ruse, the report added.