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tr.v. fet·ish·ized, fet·ish·iz·ing, fet·ish·iz·es
To make a fetish of: fetishized bare feet; fetishized a diet free of processed sugar.
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(ˈfɛtɪʃˌaɪz) ,




(Psychology) (tr) to be excessively or irrationally devoted to (an object, activity, etc)
ˌfetishiˈzation, ˌfetishiˈsation n
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(ˈfɛt ɪˌʃaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to make a fetish of.
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Verb1.fetishize - make a fetish of
adore - love intensely; "he just adored his wife"
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Schneider wins over his audience with his punchy, time-appropriate dialogue, with emphasis on the stoners and countercultural types who say the dumbest things in order to sound "cool." There is some baby boomer fetishization here, and the Chicago cops are often depicted as slobbering beasts while Hoffman and the Yippies come off as harmless pranksters, but such romanticism does not derail the novel's main thrust.
This manifests mostly in the fetishization of mediocrity and illiteracy.
Unfortunately, the fetishization of diversity has resulted in a paradigm wherein 'less White people' 6 in academia, employment, and countries overall 6 is accepted as a moral imperative.
commitment to 'liberal hegemony' and the fetishization of 'U.S.
It should be noted that he, nor Pakistanis, are unique in their love for Hitler; our Indian neighbours are full of as many praises for the man, and states in South East Asia have thriving fashion and cultural scenes revolving around fetishization of paraphernalia and clothing, called 'Nazi chic'.
This is why I don't co-sign on our collective fetishization of celebrities.
The latter might well be understood as fetishization, the projection of human qualities such as emotions onto the products of labor.
It is a dangerous project that, in less sure hands, has produced the well-worn Newfie-drag fictions, all salt cod, a smattering of Newfoundland English, and a kind of nostalgic outport fetishization. At times Delisle wanders into a laundry list of "old Newfoundland" cliches, but they are brief, and more importantly, they are often tempered and tutored by a larger project of relentlessly, and sometimes ruthlessly, examining her family, their character, and the choices they made.
These strategies are bodily fragmentation, narrative fragmentation and fetishization. As such, in these works of fiction, the starved body is depicted as a liminal entity: simultaneously present and absent, material as well as spectral" (57).
The last 600 years of anti-hero fetishization have failed to produce anything like the title character of Ferenc Molnar's 1909 play, Liliom, the story of an unrepentant young man who works as a barker at a merry-go-round.
And this implies a willingness to attack many of the establishment's sacred cows - particularly the free rein given to financial institutions, the bias toward austerity policies, the jaundiced view of government's role in the economy, the unhindered movement of capital around the world, and the fetishization of international trade.