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n.1.One who fetters.
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Because coccidial oocysts are ubiquitous and easily disseminated in the poultry house environment and have such a large reproduction potential, it is very difficult to keep chicken coccidia free, especially under current intensive rearing conditions (Allen and Fetterer, 2002).
Microbiologist Mark Jenkins and zoologist Ray Fetterer, in BARC's Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory, are attempting to increase vaccine uptake by studying alternative delivery methods.
Elhaddi of the National Weather Service, Christiane McCarthy, Siva Ravada, and Andrew Fetterer have greatly improved the readability and technical accuracy of this article.
Florence Fetterer for their internal reviews of the chapter.
Fetterer is leading the effort, along with chemist Marcia L.
There is some evidence that CIS charts are more accurate than passive microwave data for estimates of ice concentration, particularly in the presence of surface melt (documentation from Fetterer et al.