land tenure

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: tenure - the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands
legal right - a right based in law
copyhold - a medieval form of land tenure in England; a copyhold was a parcel of land granted to a peasant by the lord of the manor in return for agricultural services
freehold - tenure by which land is held in fee simple or for life
villeinage - tenure by which a villein held land
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This collection is for the specialist familiar with English common law, the legal terminology (Latin) of cartularies, and an understanding of feudal land tenure.
Legislation extinguishing this modified form of feudal land tenure passed the Assembly, only to be refused by the Legislative Council on the grounds of its attack on property rights.
In Scotland the feudal land tenure system goes back centuries but with the Scottish Office promising land reform and looking at legislation to empower local communities, conservationists are pushing for national parks, legalised access rights and the recreation of the Great Caledonian Forest under a new Scottish Parliament.