Fever and ague

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a form of fever recurring in paroxysms which are preceded by chills. It is of malarial origin.

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The bee hunter is generally some settler on the verge of the prairies; a long, lank fellow, of fever and ague complexion, acquired from living on new soil, and in a hut built of green logs.
His wanderings on the retirement had been similar to my own: he had also been to Le Mans and had been in hospital a week with fever and ague, after which he had been sent up country and had been serving with another unit for a fortnight.
Griscom stressed in 1845: "Almost every one has heard of the effects of marshy soil, in country situations, producing Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Ague, and of the entire disappearance of the disease, simply by draining off the water, and permitting the ground to become dry.