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FEvery summer, the number of reported cases almost doubles - and that's just the people who make the effort to see a doctor.
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FEvery time the country was mentioned I would picture a place with dusty streets that were crammed full of people, women dressed in colourful saris, markets filled with delicious-smelling spices and the majestic Taj Mahal.
if I have any friendships sent Such as are square, well-tagged, and permanent, Not built with canvas, paper, and false lights, As are the glorious scenes at the great sights; And that there be no fevery heats nor colds, Oily expansions, or shrunk dirty folds, But all so clear, and led by reasons flame, As but to stumble in her sight were shame; These I will honour, love, embrace, and serve (12)
She also designed an planted four gardens, raised a chcooked four meals a day for my fevery day for 50 years.
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