v. t.1.To feign.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And semblably poetes laureate, Bi dirk parables ful convenyent, Feyne that briddis & bestis of estat-- As roial eglis & leones--bi assent Sent out writtis to hold a parlement, And maade decrees breffly for to sey, Som to haue lordship, & som to obey (15-21) The patent allusion to Chaucer's Parlement of Foules lends an air of gravitas to the introduction, suggesting the moral lesson to follow.
(9) To declare, the story list nat feyne, The grete hatrede that was atwen hem tweyne.
In the women's 1,500 metres, Ethiopia's Feyne Gudeto won the race, but fell agonisingly short of the B Standard time of 4:08.90.
And whane ye haue pis book ouerlooked/ Pe right lynes/with pe crooked/ And pe sentence/vnderstonden / With Inne youre mynde hit fast ebounden Thankepe pauctoures pat peos storyes Renoueld haue/to youre memoryes/ And pe wryter/for his distresse Whiche besechibe/youre gentylnesse Pat ye sende pis booke ageyne Hoome to Shirley/pat is right feyne If hit hape beon/to yowe plesaunce.
Of youre clene witte and youre consayte I am full gladde in harte and Jought, And hym to mete withouten latt I am redy, and feyne will noght [go], Bot with 3ou same.
For the above events, the Sultaness, who has in secret scorned the sacrament of baptism ("We shul first feyne us cristen dom to take-- / Coold water shal nat greve us but a lite!
Not so coincidentally, perhaps, defense also occupies a conspicuous but ambiguous position in the counsel of Chaucer's Prudence, where the opposition of material to moral considerations may favor the moral ones but does so in terms that ironically facilitate worldly readings: if a stranger falls into your company, for example, "enquere thanne as subtilly as thou mayst of his conversacion, and of his lyf before, and feyne thy way; say that thou [wolt] thider as thou wolt nat go;/and if he bereth a spere, hoold thee on the right syde, and if he bere a swerd, hoold thee on the lift syde" (C, 1294-1338, here 1310-12, lxxx[x.sup.r]; see also 1422, xc[i.sup.r]).
"O brother myn, what wo, what hevynes, What dedly sorwe thus inly may oppres Your knyghtly hert or trouble youre manhede, More furiously ywis than it is nede; For though that right requered outerly Yow for to sorwe and had cause why, Yet, me semeth, by juste providence Ye schulde lightly dissymble youre offence: Sith eche wiseman in his adversite Schulde feyne cher and kepen in secre The inward wo that bynt hym in distresse, Be manly force rathest ther compesse The sperit of ire and malencolie, Where the peple it sonest myght espie...
What in "The Man of Law's tale" testified to the iniquity of Constance's first mother-in-law, the Sultaness, namely her false conversion signaled by the words: "We shul first feyne us cristendom to take" (1988 II: 351), (2) acquires a positive dimension in the romance about a shapeless child.
And whane ye haue pis booke ouerlooked Pe right lynes with pe crooked And pe sentence vnderstonden With Inne your mynde hit fast ebounden Thanke pe Auctoures pat pees storyes Renoueld haue to youre memoryes And pe wryter for his distresse Whiche besechipe youre gentylesse Pat ye sende pis booke ageyne Hoome to Shirley pat is right feyne If hit hape beon to yowe plesaunce As in pe Reedyng of pe Romaunce And alle pat beon in pis companye God sende hem Ioye of hir lady.
According to Feynes, the management and employees of Richards will remain with the company and operate out of the existing premises.