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(fyəˌnɑr əntˈsoʊ ə, -ˈsu ə)

a city in E central Madagascar. 300,000.
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9% VP1 divergence) was isolated from a patient in Nosy-Varika, Fianarantsoa Province, on the central east coast, who had AFP onset on January 31, 2015.
The areas (Toliara, Taolagnaro, Antsirabe, Toamasina, Nosy Be, Fianarantsoa, ?
NOON Madagascar by train - the Fianarantsoa line carves its way through the highlands for 100 miles to the coastal town of Manakara.
THREE weeks ago Ash Dykes was fighting for his life in a hospital bed in Fianarantsoa, one of Madagascar's largest cities.
In November, the central highland stations of Antananarivo and Fianarantsoa recorded the highest temperatures of about 2[degrees]C above normal.
She served on the faculties of the Graduate Seminary, FLM, and the Amboniavaratra Pastoral Training School, FJKM, in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, 1998-2003.
Fianarantsoa, and Mahajanga 243 Uganda Kampala Conv.
The weather had turned rainy and we continued for another live hours to the city of Fianarantsoa.
But Solofo, my lively companion, insists that there have long been Jews in Madagascar, claiming that the "light skinned" residents of Fianarantsoa, the island's intellectual capital, are their descendants.
Counseling centers run by local NGOs and supported by the Ministries of Justice and Health in Antananarivo and Fianarantsoa, however, provided psychological support and legal advice to child sex trafficking victims.
The six provinces are Antananarivo, Mahajanga, Antsiranana, Toamasina, Fianarantsoa, and Toliary.
Les zones de diapause sont situees sur les hauteurs du rebord occidental des hauls plateaux de Fianarantsoa, jusqu'aux plateaux des Tampoketsa.