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Noun1.fiber bundle - a bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers)fiber bundle - a bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers)
trigonum cerebrale, fornix - an arched bundle of white fibers at the base of the brain by which the hippocampus of each hemisphere projects to the contralateral hippocampus and to the thalamus and mamillary bodies
nerve tissue, nervous tissue - tissue composed of neurons
nervous system, systema nervosum - the sensory and control apparatus consisting of a network of nerve cells
nerve, nervus - any bundle of nerve fibers running to various organs and tissues of the body
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Spinning technology for fiber pilot plant the aim of this call for tenders is to define the requirements for the "spinning technology" units as part of a fiber pilot plant for oxide and non-oxide ceramic continuous fiber bundles.
This process is usually microbial in nature, to loose and separate the bast fiber bundles from the non-fiber fractions of the flax stem (11).
Understanding of classical field theory underlies understanding of quantum field theory, and this text covers the subject beginning with a chapter on differential calculus on fiber bundles and proceeding with chapters on Lagrangian field theory, Grassmann-graded Lagrangian field theory, Lagrangian BRST theory, gauge theory on principal bundles, gravitation theory on natural bundles, spinor fields, topological field theories, and covariant Hamiltonian field theory.
Subsequent chapters offer the math underlying the physics in manifolds, mechanics, and various theories of spacetime, as well as lie groups, fiber bundles, and gauge theory, all presented in an engaging prose style.
AE count rate was used for damage detection and various failure mechanisms were observed in failed specimens, such as cracking at loop cross-over points, resin matrix cracking, fiber-bundle debonding and tensile fracture of fiber bundles.
The sections stained with picro-sirius permitted the identification of endomysium and perimysium collagen fiber bundles by polarized light microscopy according to the Junqueira et al.
Such a process typically coats the outside of the fiber bundles but doesn't wet out individual fibers the way twin-screw compounding does.
With the cabling infrastructure now in place, we will be able to extend tube cable from the tube distribution units as needed, blow additional fiber bundles through the tube cable's unused cells, and even blow fiber out of a building and reuse it in another.
The fiber bundles distinctly remain as bundles in the ADF composite fabricated with polyester-sized fibers because of poor wet-out [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED], while the nylon-sized fibers show good fiber dispersion, with the nylon 12 matrix impregnating the individual fiber bundles [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED].
Following a review of plaque imaging techniques and segmentation techniques for plaque classification and quantification, chapters discuss MRI plaque tissue characterization, intravascular ultrasound elastography, computer vision analysis of collagen fiber bundles in the adventitia of human blood vessels, image based biomechanics of coronary plaque, computed tomographic cardiovascular imaging, tomographic plaque imaging with computed tomography, absolute measurement of integrated backscatter from arterial wall structures, ultrasound imaging in the analysis of carotid plaque morphology for the assessment of stroke, three-dimensional volume registration of carotid magnetic resonance images, and similar topics.
The rolls are driven at different speeds to increase shear in the gap, which helps to open and wet out the fiber bundles.
Overall, UCR has increased its data transmission capacity by about 40%--from a total of 64 to 150 fiber bundles, each holding two to 18 strands of fiber.