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a.1.Having no fibers; destitute of fibers or fiber.
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His famous final phrasing of the great poetic idea--'Beauty is truth, truth beauty'--itself shows consciousness of realities below the surface, and the inference which is sometimes hastily drawn that he was personally a fiberless dreamer is as far as possible from the truth.
Blue Ballet' yields smaller 4- to 6-pound fruits with gray-green rinds that contain sweet, fiberless flesh.
And yet while processed food prohibitionists like Michael "Mostly Plants" Pollan demonize convenience, affordability, and technology, Soylent supersizes these attributes in ways that might even scare Ronald McDonald fiberless.
The DP-R Series Diamond ATR Fiberless Probes from Durasens (Booth 3633) are designed for real-time reaction monitoring using FTIR spectroscopy.
Planters gets to 3 grams in its Digestive Health Mix by adding inulin to ingredients with fiber (pistachios, almonds, dried cranberries, oats, dried cherries) that have been diluted with fiberless ingredients (sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, oil).
16%, ratio 155); Roxa--from the cross 'Amrapali' x 'Tommy Atkins', moderately vigorous and medium yielding, regular bearing, fruit 287 g, purple reddish, very firm and fiberless pulp (Brix 19-21%, acidity 0.
Americans are suffering from so many diseases because they are gorging on fiberless feasts of dead flesh, high fructose corn syrup and refined junk foods filled with additives and chemicals.
ConnectPoint Campus is a 100-Mbps, fiberless optical Ethernet transceiver that uses a laser to communicate packet data and extend the LAN infrastructure.
Loea's fiberless technology originally was developed for military use with passive millimeter wave cameras, which allow planes and helicopters to see through fog.
5] population had completely fiberless cottonseed, was uniform in plant height, flowering and boll opening, and was homozygous for the expression of petal spot ([R.
Using Ensemble's point-to-multipoint fiberless system, CTC, which competes directly with Verizon's digital subscriber line (DSL) service in select areas, can cover 85% of its San Angelo service area with just four cell sites, each with an inner radius of four miles and an outer radius of three miles.
A healthy chip high in fiber actually tasted better than the fatty, saltier, fiberless alternative.