Fibroid degeneration

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a form of degeneration in which organs or tissues are converted into fibroid tissue.

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Pain should be probably attributed to prostaglandin release from fibroid degeneration, given the efficacious analgesic effect provided by nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs [60].
Patient had come to tertiary care hospital with pain in abdomen, and a heterogenous mass of 9x5x5 cm noted in pouch of douglus, medial to right ovary s/o ruptured ectopic pregnancy or fibroid degeneration, with a subchorionic bleed of 3cmx1.6 cm.
MRI also showed Crohn's disease with diffuse peritoneal inflammation (1), intussusception (1), bilateral adrenal hemorrhage (1), pyelonephritis (2), hydronephrosis (1), uterine fibroid degeneration (2), degeneration and torsion of a subserosal uterine fibroid (1), simple ovarian cysts (1), and ovarian torsion (1).