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 (fĭk′təl-gə-bîr′gə, fĭKH′-)
A mountain range of east-central Germany near the border of the Czech Republic. The region is a popular resort area.
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Tenders are invited for REZ Bavaria_45ind_JC Fichtelgebirge
The chemical composition of biotite as an indicator of magmatic fractionation and metasomatism in Sn-specialised granites of the Fichtelgebirge (NW Bohemian Massif, Germany).
They're all here, in multiple samples ranging in quality from "study grade" to absolutely superb: Freiberg acanthite and stephanite, Schneeberg proustite and erythrite and roselite and uranium-bearing species, Andreasberg pyrargyrite and dyscrasite and fluorite and pink apophyllite, Siegerland malachite and anglesite and millerite and galena, Schwarzwald fluorite and barite and silver, Obermoschel cinnabar and moschellandsbergite, Ems pyromorphite and cerussite, Johanngeorgenstadt mimetite, Ohrenstock hausmannite, Fichtelgebirge topaz and microcline and herderite, Ehrenfriedersdorf cassiterite and fluorapatite, Ilfeld manganite, Ronneburg whewellite, Hagendorf phosphates .
In Fichtelgebirge in the western part of the Bohemian Massif, K-feldspar is replaced by albite and/or sericite mainly at the uranium occurrences of Epprechtstein and Grofischloppen.
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Tankard decorated with an aleegory of the Peace of Westphalia, made in Fichtelgebirge, Bavaria, 1651.
Verhoeven W, Herrmann R, Eiden R, Kelmm O (1987) A comparison of the chemical composition of fog and rainwater collected in the Fichtelgebirge, Federal Republic of Germany and from the South Island of New Zealand.
Carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios in different compartments of a healthy and a declining Picea abies forest in the Fichtelgebirge, NE Bavaria.
Imagine Schulze's shock, then, when he learned last year that much of the nitrate raining down on the upper forested slopes in Germany's Fichtelgebirge -- a range of mountains within 25 miles of the Czech border -- is not taken up by trees or nitrogen-hungry microbes in the soil.
The Bayerische Landes-Sportverband is planning to build the new Sportcamp Nordbayern in the Fichtelgebirge with about 50 multi-floor, 60 double rooms, gastronomic facilities (kitchen and restoration), sports and leisure facilities as well as seminar and group rooms.
The study site is located in the Fichtelgebirge, northeastern Bavaria, Germany.
About 10 years ago, an unhealthy spring yellowing of needles appeared within occasional stands of Norway spruce in a high-elevation Bavarian forest called Fichtelgebirge.
Locality: The former Brandholz-Goldkronach mining district in the western part of the Fichtelgebirge, Bavaria, Germany.