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Research participants were protected by stringent procedures designed to protect confidentiality, such as the use of codes and fictious names, and by strict privacy during actual interviews.
When a historical movie is made, one should know that there is a disclaimer and everything has been done in a fictious form.
It tells the fictious story of Llechfaen, a community in despair during a lengthy industrial dispute more than a century ago.
FIFA has, moreover, never used its insistence on the fictious notion that sports and politics are separate to caution Salman and others against mixing the two.
FIFA has moreover never used its insistence on the fictious notion that sports and politics are separate to caution Mr.
This nine word snowball needed a fictious hip-hop artist to complete the deed.
FICTIOUS TENDER OPERATION: A total of 38 people, including six women, were detained by the police due to their involvement in fictitious tender in ystanbul on Monday morning.
Another requisite, in my opinion, is that the ghost should be malevolent or odious: amiable and helpful apparitions are all very well in fairy tales or in local legends, but I have no use for them in a fictious ghost story.
When they had committed the robbery, they endeavoured to lose the disgrace of it, by sinking their real names under fictious ones, which they called Titles.
Unfortunately, instead of just laying her cards out on the table, she resorted to exceedingly clever subterfuge, creating an elaborate series of fictious "facts" intended to make Affleck look like a monster husband, and cast her in the pitiful role of his longsuffering victim.
8) "The off-screen narrator described the work of a fictious character who was researching what he described as 'the problem of London, which seemed to be, in essence, that it wasn't Paris.
This measure allows companies to deduct from their taxable profits a fictious interest calculated on the basis of their corporate equity and tackles the fiscal discrimination between equity and debt financing (Valenduc 2004).