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In the grain trade there is a large draning of VAT using fictious export and fictitious bills.
Meeting in the green room of a fictious TV talk show, the award-winning band and the football legend engage in a battle of one-upmanship, trying to prove who truly deserves a refreshing Pepsi more.
The campaigners held posters which read: "All characters are fictious, all coincidences are accidental.
FICTIOUS TENDER OPERATION: A total of 38 people, including six women, were detained by the police due to their involvement in fictitious tender in ystanbul on Monday morning.
When they had committed the robbery, they endeavoured to lose the disgrace of it, by sinking their real names under fictious ones, which they called Titles.
This measure allows companies to deduct from their taxable profits a fictious interest calculated on the basis of their corporate equity and tackles the fiscal discrimination between equity and debt financing (Valenduc 2004).
Maker - are managing fictious portfolios that stood at $100,000 on Aug.
On July 21 Bailey, who never revealed the reason for his fictious story, was charged with making a false statement to police and wasting police time.
Shieldinch is the fictious area of Glasgow in the new BBC Scotland soap.
The absurdity of contemporary social theorising (like that of Hollinsworth, Keeffe and Thiele) is that it assumes that because fictious essences dealing with the body and the primordial past are imaginary that they therefore have no necessity or are arbitrary and can be edited out of the human condition.
The frequent alterations in coffee policy plus the elevated interest rates, the system of buying export rights in auction and the speculation of fictious export registrations, left McFadden & Cia.
Penny Mickelbury's latest edition in the Carole Ann Gibson mystery series, deftly draws the tangled social and political ties of a fictious Carribean island, Isle de Paix.