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n.1.The lowest title of nobility in Portugal, corresponding to that of Hidalgo in Spain.
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Plants exposed to Cd have shown prejudicial effects including reduction in growth and biomass rate in both tolerant and non-tolerant plants (Fusconi et al., 2010; Son et al., 2012); decrease in chlorophyll and carotenoid content (Cherif et al., 2011); increased level of malondialdehyde (MDA), which is a lipid peroxidation product (Gratao et al., 2008; Fidalgo et al., 2011); changes in protein expression related to general defense; and production of detoxification pathways, namely reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging, chelation, and compartmentalization (Hossaim and Komatsu, 2013).
Portuguese right-back Matilde Fidalgo has also signed on a two-year deal from Sporting Clube de Braga.
Researchers have used a variety of online methods including concurrent self-reports (Kellogg, 1988; 2001; Fidalgo, Torrance, & Garcia, 2008; Torrance, Fidalgo, & Robledo, 2015; Torrance, Fidalgo, & Garcia, 2007) or thinking aloud (Beauvais, Olive, & Passerault, 2011; Breetvelt et al., 1994; Levy & Ransdell, 1995; Penningroth & Rosenberg, 1995).
Juan Fernando SELLES y Jose Manuel FIDALGO, Antropologia filosofica: la persona humana, Pamplona: Eunsa (<<Manuales ISCR>>, 21), 2018, 192 pp., 17 x 24, ISBN 978-84-313-3312-6.
Fidalgo to train with the first team and they could have a role to play in
We're turnt up," said Jarrick Fidalgo, a New Bedford, Massachusetts, native with his face painted as The Joker.
According to Alfredo Fidalgo, the Global Brand Ambassador for Havana Club during his maiden trip to Kenya.
"I think Norwegian Bliss is elevating the onboard experience and changing the way people look at mass market cruising," says Janet Fidalgo, owner, Janet Fidalgo Agency LLC, an independent agency in the Avoya Travel Network in Ware, MA.
A consultant for issues of Roma in the European Commission's Directorate-General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations, Marta Garcia Fidalgo, said their support was needed to better integrate Roma.
During June 2016 in Fidalgo Bay, WA (48.477810[degrees]N, -122.574217[degrees]W), oysters were collected from fourteen haphazardly placed 1/16 [m.sup.2] quadrats in aggregations of Ostrea lurida.
Dominancia (proporcion del territorio ocupado visualmente por una determinada especie--mas dominante-menos dominante--) Fuente: A partir de Sanchez Sanchez (2017); Fidalgo (2014).
Ammar, however, immediately regained his bearings as he defeated Spain's FM Javier Fidalgo Fernandez to move to joint third place with five points.