Field driver

in New England, an officer charged with the driving of stray cattle to the pound.

See also: Field

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12:22 p.m.: River Road West, man reported a half dozen sheep loose; he said he is trying to round them up and it does not appear his neighbor is home; the field driver was advised.
The cars would be designed and built in North Carolina, home to the Windshear wind tunnel facility designed by Anderson, and the pair are keen to field drivers from the US in an effort to clearly define the outfit as a genuine 'all-American' set-up.
Elected to office and the post they were named to include Patrick Flynn, moderator and selectman; Robert Ducharme, Brian Germain, Steven Sullivan, John Briare, selectmen; Michael Branniff, constable; Joseph Antos and Edward Bazinet, surveyors of highways; Peter Jankowski and David Butler, fence viewers; John White, tything-man; Richard Carmignani, treasurer and tything-man; Ken Butkiewicz and Benjamin Craver, hog reeve; and Doug Quigley and Raymond Stockley, field drivers.