Field duck

(Zool.) the little bustard (Otis tetrax), found in Southern Europe.

See also: Field

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Visit to see "A Day at Dry Lake Arkansas Rice Field Duck Hunt," "East Arkansas Reservoir Hunt" and "December 2010 on the Grand Prairie." While you're there, sign up for's eNewsletter, check out even more great content, view photo galleries and submit photos of your own epic hunt.
There's an ever-growing infrastructure of guides and lodges cropping up throughout western Mississippi who have made it easy for visiting hunters to enjoy spectacular flooded timber and field duck hunting.
The Humberside club looked set to break their Vetch Field duck on their sixth visit when referee Eddie Lomas spotted a Swansea handball midway through the first half.
"I download them into a file and title it something like 'Field duck hunt T and review them, see which I like, delete the rest.
If slush ice is flowing and tangling decoy lines, he supplements his goose decoys with a few field duck decoys.
Dry field duck hunting has grown in popularity in the past decade, with outfitters benefiting from increased corn production in the Basin, as well as the willingness of west-siders to make the trip over the passes to take part in some of the best mallard hunting in the United States.
If you expect to find both ducks and geese in a field set up, toss in a dozen field duck decoys and you're good.
"I usually use a smaller spread when I'm hunting stale field ducks, so I don't want to be in the middle of it as the birds are working overhead.
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