rational number

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rational number

A number capable of being expressed as an integer or a quotient of integers, excluding zero as a denominator.

rational number

(Mathematics) any real number of the form a/b, where a and b are integers and b is not zero, as 7 or 7/3

ra′tional num′ber

a number that can be expressed exactly by a ratio of two integers.

ra·tion·al number

A number that can be expressed as an integer or a quotient of integers. For example, 2, -5, and 1/2 are rational numbers.
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Noun1.rational number - an integer or a fraction
real, real number - any rational or irrational number
fraction - the quotient of two rational numbers
racionální číslo
nombre rationnel
racionalni broj
racionális szám
numero razionale
rationellt tal
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It is not difficult to show that this new field is a - and hence the - completion of the original field of rationals.
The former can be characterized (informally or within set theory) uniquely up to isomorphism by virtue of their mathematical properties: for example, the field of rationals is the smallest field containing the integers, and the field of reals is the completion of the field of rationals.