Field vole

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(Zool.) the European meadow mouse.

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2010: Individual growth rates in natural field vole, Microtus agrestis, populations exhibiting cyclic population dynamics.
Meadow pipit also nest in tussocks of grass, nests and chicks will not have survived a fire like this." Mammals too, like the field vole, will not have survived.
Recently a new vole-associated hantavirus (Tatenale virus) was discovered in northern England (7), but only from an individual Microtus agrestis field vole. Previously only hantaviruses from murine-associated lineages (Seoul virus [SEOV] and SEOV-like viruses) had been reported in the United Kingdom, despite the abundance of potential vole hosts in the mainland United Kingdom and the endemicity of vole-associated hantavirus lineages (Puumala virus [PUUV] and Tula virus) in mainland Europe (2).
Barn owls around National Trust's Malham Tarn and in Upper Wharfedale in the Yorkshire Dales, as a result of reduced grazing pressure and planting of young woodland which led to good numbers of their favoured prey, the field vole.
Polymorphic microsatellite DNA markers in the field vole, Microtus montebelli.
He caught that wood mouse or, more likely because of the grassy habitat, a field vole, and flicked it up with his teeth to get it clear of the grass.
The field vole (mouse) lives on the soil surface and also feeds on plant bark.
Rapt in acute, unbreakable concentration, the bird seems to cheat the laws of physics, remaining motionless in the buffeting wind, never deterred from the task of scouring intently for that next fast-food fix of field vole.
Effect of photoperiod on body mass, food intake and body composition in the field vole, Microtus agrestis.
Social organization of the male field vole (Microtus agrestis): a case of transient territoriality?
But she never reappeared and her box was taken over by another female, leading experts to assume she had died over a winter in which there had been a collapse of the field vole population on which the birds feed.
THE UK's human population is out numbered by one other mammal - the field vole. But did you know...