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Students at Aberystwyth University's Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) made the lucky discoveries on a recent fieldtrip to the village of Abisko in the Swedish Lapland to study Arctic Ecology.
Much later (2011), during a fieldtrip to Cesar, we began to strip the vegetative cloak on palm trunks.
Beyond GHS, the students built more knowledge about Wexford immigrants in Savannah by means of an extended session in the archives of the Catholic Diocese of Savannah and an investigative fieldtrip to Savannah's Catholic cemetery.
Offering the course in the fall allows me to take advantage of a regional quirk in order to schedule an optional fieldtrip to the Sherwin Miller Jewish Museum of Art in Tulsa.
In a different context, Israeli forces prevented children from a summer camp to enter the al-Aqsa mosque compound during a fieldtrip.
The senior author thanks Charles Haddad and Vaughn Swart (University of the Free State, South Africa), who organized the fieldtrip in Ndumo Game Reserve in 2009 and covered vehicle costs.
We can happily report that, for students at YCIS the combined influence of classroom activities, hands-on fieldtrip experiences alongside Ecology Action after school activities, and working with the National Association for Environmental Education, Environmental Education is alive and well in our school.
Over two hundred teens were able to take a school fieldtrip to the library and listen to my presentation.
One lengthy fieldtrip, of several days, for which he managed to get approval from his military superiors, in 1970 or 1971, by calling it 'Operation Tuyur Watch' (Operation Bird Watch), provided some of the first bird records from parts of the UAE's then remote interior.
On the 2012 fieldtrip to Guyana, our research team also included a student from the new Environmental Visual Communication (EVC) program at Fleming College--a unique collaboration between a post-secondary school in Peterborough, Ontario, and my institution, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto.
In November, our Kimberley campaigner Wade Freeman and economist Simon O'Connor continued their excellent work in highlighting what a bad investment Woodside's proposed James Price Point development is with an investor fieldtrip.
During my degree I was lucky enough to go to Tenerife on a fieldtrip.