Fifth Crusade

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Noun1.Fifth Crusade - a Crusade under papal control from 1218 to 1221 that achieved military victories but failed when dissension arose over accepting the terms they had been offered
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You remind Egyptians of Saint Francis of Assisi who crossed the Mediterranean Sea to meet with Sultan al-Kamel and put an end to the Fifth Crusade 800 years ago.
According to a small miracle collection on the works of St David, during the Fifth Crusade in the 1220s, a Welsh crusader was captured and put in chains by a Saracen.
Their growth was slow until the Fifth Crusade, when their effectiveness made them well-known and respected.
During the Fifth Crusade (also known as Frisian Crusade), the Christian armies were camped in the Nile delta near Damietta where they plotted to take control of the city.
Nor is he convincing that it was the children who inspired Innocent to preach the Fifth Crusade as a popular crusade, open to all; surely what drove the pope's action was the opportunity to sell more crusade indulgences.
20) We also notice that children died from hunger during the fifth Crusade.
Thus, exploring the emergence and shifting meanings of the cult of Henry the Crusader in contemporary and subsequent accounts by fellow crusaders and in Portuguese sources from 1147 to 1217, Stephen Lay explores the rich layering of contexts, interests and investment in meanings in the making of martyrdom and crusader ideology from the second to the fifth crusade.
Infidel, a historical drama about the Fifth Crusade written by Roger Gregg and produced by the Dublin-based Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, spares us such explicit comparisons, but the play is laced with evocations of Iraq, terrorism, and militarism in general.
Having denounced the Crusades as mercenary, brutal, and un-Christian, Francis was determined to make his way through the clashing fleets of the Fifth Crusade to witness to Christ to the sultan.
Francis of Assisi went to Damietta, Egypt in 1219 with the intention of converting Sultan Malek al-Kamel, in the hope that the rest of the Fifth Crusade might be averted.
The single chapter devoted to the Fifth Crusade strives somewhat unsuccessfully to make a connection between des Roches's experience in the entourage of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, and the bishop's later political philosophy.
Perhaps Louis should have advanced at once on Cairo, but he knew that the annual Nile flood, which had contributed to the destruction of the army of the Fifth Crusade, was imminent; he also awaited the last significant reinforcements which he could expect - those led by his brother Alphonse of Poitiers, who had been left behind in France against the possibility of English invasion should Henry III take advantage of Louis' absence to attempt to regain Normandy and the other lands lost in 1204.