Fifth monarchy

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a universal monarchy, supposed to be the subject of prophecy in Daniel ii.; the four preceding monarchies being Assyrian, Persian, Grecian, and Roman. See Fifth Monarchy men, under Fifth.

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The king outlawed meetings of Fifth Monarchy Men, Baptists and Quakers and all members were required to take an oath of allegiance.
Marriott traces the universal characteristics, interconnections, and local manifestations, of three millennial movements of the premodern era: the Islamic Nuqtavi movement of Safavid Iran, the Christian Fifth Monarchy movement in Britain and the United States, and the Judaic Sabbatian movement in the Ottoman Empire.
She looks at the fairy feminism of A Midsummer Night's Dream, fairy honest knaveries in The Merry Wives of Windsor, fairyland meets the fifth monarchy in Ben Jonson's The Alchemist, social role transgressions and gender transformation in Cymbeline, and the fairy defense in witchcraft trials.
At some point he associated himself with a current school of millennial prophecy known as the Fifth Monarchy.
The following year he attended the funeral of John Pendarves, a Particular Baptist and leading theorist of the Fifth Monarchy, and, when the funeral turned into a Monarchist rally and was raided by government troopers, Clarke signed and may have helped author the ensuing protest.
Her conjunction of these themes, he contends, stems not from her often-supposed link with the Quakers but from her association with the Particular Baptists and the Fifth Monarchy movement.
Bell demonstrates that those Baptists who retained the more radical political impulse invigorated the Fifth Monarchy movement or even became Seventh-Day Baptists.
Rather than dealing with his subject thematically, biographically, or chronologically for the country as a whole, the author identifies these committed believers and their testimony by means of a detailed geographical treatment of their churches, leaders, and members, frequently drawing attention to affinities with earlier Lollardy (which may have provided their ideas with a congenial local context) and the contemporary Fifth Monarchy movement.
However, it was applied by the old Puritans to the Roman Pope, by the Fifth Monarchy men to Cromwell, and by many 19th-century theologians to " that wicked one " (identical with the " last horn " of Dan.
In the early-modern period, millennial movements emerged within the Abrahamic framework: the Islamic Nuqtavi movement in Safavid Iran, the Christian Fifth Monarchy movement in Britain and America, and the Judaic Sabbatian movement in the Ottoman Empire.
Knollys did await the Fifth Monarchy, but he rejected political and military action to usher it in.
Alan Cole argues that Quaker pacifism is really the product of the Restoration of Charles II, as Friends sought to distance themselves from the more violent religious sects, such as the Fifth Monarchy Men.