Fifth quarter

the hide and fat; - a butcher's term.

See also: Quarter

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House prices recovered for a third consecutive quarter while those for apartments rose for the fifth quarter in a row.
Open competition: construction control over the construction of the facility: "kindergarten of a general development type for 300 beds with a swimming pool" in the fifth quarter of the construction site, located at the address: samara region, volzhsky district, rural settlement lopatino, pridorozhny settlement, "southern city" microdistrict
Rents in Dubai's prime office locations are unchanged for a fifth quarter in a row, and averaging Dh178 a square foot.
A number of factors are currently affecting the red meat sector; these include the impact of the exchange rate and the demand for lamb in export markets, UK red meat sales and consumption levels, and the costs associated with processing fifth quarter products and skin prices.
Continuing increase in fixed investments for the fifth quarter remains noteworthy.
In the January-March period, the index registered a straight fifth quarter fall.
The superintendent later announced plans to buy $25,000 worth of the "new high-protein chocolate milk," called Fifth Quarter Fresh.
Jean-Pierre Garnier, the organisation's export manager, said maximising opportunities for sheep meat with EU markets and developing more markets for lower valued cuts and fifth quarter products for outside the EU will both play a vital role in maximising returns and managing market volatility.
1 million, marking the fifth quarter in a row where the Company was able to deliver more than 1 million postpaid nets.
The fifth quarter courses are Interpersonal Communications, Environmental Awareness, Job Search, and for the transfer degree students, Introduction to Sociology.
After enjoying high job approval -- typical for all presidents early in their first year in office -- Obama's average approval ratings fell below 50% during his fifth quarter.
THE majority of businesses in the Cardiff Capital City Region have reported difficulties in recruiting for the fifth quarter in a row.